Google: Gmail users shouldn’t expect email privacy|The Guardian

Guardian has gone American, all the way. If you watch TV news in New York, after a while, you start getting scared of leaving the house. But you are also scared of staying at home, because all you get is a relentless stream of mayhem and murder, rape and pillage. So the Guardian has jumped on the bandwagon: pretend that you never knew that Gmail’s economic model consists in analyzing the content of your email, to serve you very targeted advertising. How do people think that Google, miraculously, serves them holiday ads when they have one or more emails discussing holidays? Or photography? Or any other subject on earth? Including automatic location and language detection, to serve you just the right combination of ads. It’s exactly the same principle they use for searches and other applications. So either the Guardian journalists have never used Gmail before writing the story or they think that all their readers are brain dead. I have a simple rule of thumb: if a news story title contains the word “revealed” it’s likely to be a tabloid story. The Guardian is bombarding us with “revelations” all day, every day. And to think that it used to be an excellent newspaper. They must have decided that either they attract a new kind of audience or they will go bust, they seem desperate to sensationalise everything they can think of and more.

Google: Gmail users shouldn’t expect email privacy