Media’s lack of focus on phone hacking exposes their agenda – sex and celebs|The Guardian

By and large, people have the leaders they deserve and the press they deserve. Investigative reporting is a wonderful tool to keep the powerful accountable, whether politicians, corporations or individuals. In the UK and many other countries it has been turned on its head, reporting breathlessly on complete claptrap, focusing mainly on celebrities, sex and, in a general way, envy. With some political blackmail thrown in when suitable, an art mastered so well by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

Now, is it the fault of the gutter press, the press magnates or the people who buy the newspapers? Like with drugs, it’s not enough to stop the smugglers at the border, when you have crowds lining up to snort and inject the stuff inside the country. Perhaps schools should spend some time teaching young people what is the difference between toilet paper, tabloids and quality papers? Hoping that the teachers know the difference, of course.