In memoriam: Luca Prodan

Fri 25/04/2014

Curiosity can be easily satisfied with a quick search on the web – that’s how I learned about the fate of my childhood friend, Luca Prodan. We were not allowed to play together, after his parents decided […]

Russia and its neigbours

Mon 14/04/2014

Russia is using proxies very cleverly to achieve its aims and maintain deniability – congratulations FSB. This doesn’t make it any more legal or acceptable, but it’s a lot harder for the international community to do anything […]

Polska i sprawa Smoleńska

Sun 13/04/2014

Gazeta Wyborcza: Prof. Skarżyńska i prof. Raciborski u Kublik: Po katastrofie Tusk stracił radość życia i rządzenia Mam wrażenie że znaczna część Polski też straciła chęć do życia. nie tylko Tusk. Czy oni kiedykolwiek się odwalą […]

Hungarian elections April 2014

Mon 07/04/2014

Seeing a swastika used during an electoral campaign in Europe (or anywhere else) in 2014 proves that we have failed dismally in allowing it to happen, with nazis raising their head again. We should have […]