Universal Income: human reasons to work

Human reasons to work

A few individuals would actually work better without the need to earn a living. But where do you put the 5 million NEETS who, even with the current system in the UK, are content living off benefits, rather than getting up in the morning to turn up for work? The playstation and beer are more fun than commuting to work and face a demanding boss.

There would be many more people singing, acting and painting, while there would be even more shortage in the less pleasant occupations, like plumber or dishwasher, which are already covered by immigrants, because nobody wants to do it. I used to say that I worked for free, because I enjoyed it and had to be paid for dealing with awkward people – but then, who would put up with the less pleasant parts of a job, if we didn’t have to? E.g. you’d have your broken appliance thrown at you, if you went to complain in the shop where you bought it…

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