Anatol Lieven: Don’t Fear the Russians|NYT

Sun 20/03/2016

Mr Lieven does such a good job at calming western fears about Russia’s aggressive stance on all fronts. A very emollient piece of propaganda, interpreting as voluntary restraint, every time Russia has been forced to […]

How Has Russia Weaponized Information? | CEPA

Wed 18/11/2015

In CEPA’s latest report, Edward Lucas and Ben Nimmo describe the Kremlin’s ongoing disinformation campaign to subvert both international onlookers and its domestic population. CEPA Infowar Paper No. 1 describes the mechanisms Russia has employed […]

Russia and its neigbours

Mon 14/04/2014

Russia is using proxies very cleverly to achieve its aims and maintain deniability – congratulations FSB. This doesn’t make it any more legal or acceptable, but it’s a lot harder for the international community to do anything […]

Trolls, trolls galore

Wed 19/03/2014

Russian trolls with Anglo sounding names are working overtime. Dozens of names, writing the same things in all the fora. Spewing venom and repeating trite and retrite anti-western platitudes. Good old Soviet methods updated for […]