Newtek Video Toaster 4000 1994 Video

Fri 01/04/2016

From a friend on Facebook: Digital Video editing on Amiga computers back in 1994. You might recognize in this promo young Will Wheaton from Star Trek or later… Big Bang Theory. Maxx of music, video […]

A strategy of spectacle|The Economist

Wed 23/03/2016

Our friendly eastern neighbour uses the same playbook as his friend Berlusconi and admirer Trump. Every move is calculated to reflect positively on the hero, while vilifying his foes – all of it played on […]

Eurovision newsroom and planning Sept 2006

Sun 15/03/2015

Video shot in the Eurovision News newsroom, including EVC (Eurovision Control) and Planning, 1st September 2006. Video and editing: Richard Azia. Visit Richard’s production site

Europeans suffering because of 4G delays

Sat 27/07/2013

“Member States have provided further evidence of why radio spectrum needs to be assigned with greater co-ordination across the European Union. Half the Union’s member states have requested to postpone the use of the 800 […]

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