Europeans suffering because of 4G delays

Sat 27/07/2013

“Member States have provided further evidence of why radio spectrum needs to be assigned with greater co-ordination across the European Union. Half the Union’s member states have requested to postpone the use of the 800 […]

L’implosion américaine

Sun 14/07/2013

Le rêve américain est en train de tourner au cauchemar. Un empire invincible qui est en train de se détruire tout seul. TDG: Le meurtrier de Trayvon Martin acquitté

FT: Obama crumbles as a liberal fantasy hero

Thu 04/07/2013

Well written piece, presenting different points of view in a balanced manner. And the conclusion is right: Obama has to balance a variety of pressures, in the real world. Financial Times originally shared: Why President […]