Learning From Obama|NYT

Mon 04/04/2016

The president has had a lot of success addressing America’s problems, which may surprise many on the left and the right. Source: Learning From Obama

Economist: Bonuses redux Contra cap

Tue 05/03/2013

The Economist’s Schumpeter says that the British government and the EU should not cap bankers’ bonuses: http://www.economist.com/node/21573008 It’s not about flexibility and bankers’ bonuses: it’s about organizations and people who hold the whole economy hostage and […]

The financial industry is like a parasite

Fri 11/05/2012

From the moment the financial industry is not used to gather capitals to finance productive activities, it is just a totally sterile activity. Its only purpose being the manipulation of money and payment of profits […]

Economist: Save the City

Thu 05/01/2012

In the leader Save the City, the Economist (1 January 2012) comes to the defence of the City, London’s financial market, decrying that “Britain is the home of the world’s capital of capital but no longer prizes […]

Harry Potter economy

Sat 24/12/2011

You need jobs and a strong economy first, before you can pay off debts and reduce the deficit. Depression is not the time to set money aside, where is it supposed to come from? The […]

The Economist on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Book of Jobs

Wed 14/12/2011

The Economist blog Free Exchange: Lessons of the 1930s comments on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Book of Jobs in Vanity Fair. Here is my comment: Interesting that the author has found issue with some of the technical aspects of Stiglitz’s […]