The right to bear firearms – discussion points

Sun 22/01/2012

BBC News: An American professor on firearms in the UK Why Britain needs more guns by Joyce L. Malcolm (Professor of history, Bentley College, US author of Guns and Violence: The English Experience, Senior Advisor, MIT Security Studies Program).

Economist: Save the City

Thu 05/01/2012

In the leader Save the City, the Economist (1 January 2012) comes to the defence of the City, London’s financial market, decrying that “Britain is the home of the world’s capital of capital but no longer prizes […]

Pakistan and the US

Sat 24/12/2011

Council for Foreign Relations writes about Pakistani Media and anti-Americanism: “U.S.-Pakistan ties deteriorated significantly in the past year, and the anti-American rhetoric in Pakistani media (NYT), especially television, reached a crescendo. Najam Sethi, an award-winning Pakistani journalist […]

Harry Potter economy

Sat 24/12/2011

You need jobs and a strong economy first, before you can pay off debts and reduce the deficit. Depression is not the time to set money aside, where is it supposed to come from? The […]

The Economist on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Book of Jobs

Wed 14/12/2011

The Economist blog Free Exchange: Lessons of the 1930s comments on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Book of Jobs in Vanity Fair. Here is my comment: Interesting that the author has found issue with some of the technical aspects of Stiglitz’s […]

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